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Home video conversion with Vintage Video

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Home video conversion with Vintage Video

Share the love and admiration of your special moments and events in your life with your friends and family. Vintage Video Converting is a digital restoration company specializing in video transfers, editing, and converting since 2003.

We all have home movies from the past, why not protect them since of cherished moments on customized DVDs that enable your family to view a lifetime of moments on video.
With Vintage VHS you are able to easily share with the ones you love, the moments that matter.
We are a friendly company that is always just a phone call away and will work with you to make sure your precious memories are salvaged before they deteriorate over time. Convert your movies to DVDs and Blurays before they are gone with Vintage VHS


We are a video converting company out of the Midwest that offers video conversion across North America for the lowest prices available.

To get a quote today: Call us at (231)736-4317 or email us at

Actual store locations:

Capital City Video Conversion

3031 South Washington Avenue

Unit D1

Lansing, MI 48910

Vintage Video Converting of Northern Michigan

10050 Glovers Lake Road

Lot B

Bear Lake, MI 49614

Video Demons of Ludington

198 East State Street

Scottville, Michigan 49454


Vintage VHS pages, links and recommended sites

Here’s some of our business pages and links to check out

Vintage VHS home movie conversion website

Our Twitter Page

Our Blog home page

Vintage VHS on google+

Our Facebook page

Some of our friends and recommended sites

Festivals4fun events

Prime Time Print

The Glass Mall



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